Blasting Honey Bees With Mistletoe For A Christmas Hive Removal or Boxing Day Bee Removal

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This will definitely be my last removal of 2016. The property is being sold and contractors are coming in to do siding repairs and paint work for the sale. The bees had to be removed to save them as well as to make a safe work environment for the guys doing repairs and maintenance on the house so this was a legitimate bee rescue. No bees were exterminated.

If you haven’t seen Jeff Horchoff’s channel you may want to check him out for more interesting hive removals like this one and other beekeeping videos. The channel name is Jeff Horchoff.

This bee rescue was done on December 26th which is Boxing Day in some countries. I always thought “Boxing Day” was some celebration of the sport of boxing but after reading the somewhat vague description in Wikipedia I see that it has nothing to do with the sport. Since I have no clear idea of what Boxing Day really is I’m celebrating with a bee hive removal. After all I’m putting bees in a box so I think this qualifies as a good celebration activity.

This property was one block off the beach and it was pretty foggy today down close to the coast line. I didn’t expect the bees to be in a good mood so I had my smoker going before I did any work. Stuffing my smoker with mistletoe was just a joke and they were pretty calm so I wasn’t really doing any blasting honey bees with mistletoe or anything else. I started my smoker with left over pine straw but used pecan leaves off the ground for the whole job.

The light I used was the Thrunite Archer 2A V3 CREE 500 lumen flashlight that I did a review on a while back. It has stood the test of time Here is my Amazon affiliate link where you can find it.

This is the knife I’m using on these jobs Works great for hive removals and not bad as an uncapping knife.

I’m going back in the morning to finish the job, hopefully before the rain moves in.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and thanks for watching.

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