Second Hive Removal With Jeff And Smoking Bees With Taco Bell Nacho Chips

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Welcome to the 628DirtRooster channel where hobby beekeeping is a way of live. I hope you enjoy this second hive live removal with Jeff Horchoff and myself. Don't forget to subscribe before you leave.

Jeff and I recently removed a small to medium size hive under this same home. These were both live removals or "rescues". The property owner contacted me to remove one honey bee hive. When I went by to see what I'd be dealing with I found that there were what appeared to be two separate hives based on the distance between two entry points. When we opened the floor for the first removal my suspicions were confirmed. Two separate hives in the same joist space at the back of the home. The second hive was bigger and healthier. We never found the queen on this one. Two days after the cut out I checked the hive and there were about fifteen queen cells.

Jeff came over from south Louisiana on very short notice to lend a hand with both removals. What a great guy! So much fun to hang out with. Check out his YouTube channel and subscribe.

Here is the first removal video:

I'd like to thank Anthony, Treasure and their boys for their hospitality while we worked on their home.

Music: Not Too Cray by Huma Huma

Had some viewer questions on a few pieces of equipment so here are our Amazon affiliate links to those items:

Little Giant Ladder

Nikon d5300 camera

A small portion of this video was shot using the Nikon but most of this video was shot with an Iphone 6.

Also, smoking bees with nacho chips is perfectly acceptable unless you are close to a Taco Bell in which case you may give them the munchies and have them swarming the drive through window.